Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann

Sarah chairs the Institute for Management Information Systems at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). She has published over 70 articles on social and ethical implications of computer systems and has given over 100 presentations and talks of her work and thinking around the world. Her main expertise is electronic privacy, disclosure behavior and ethical computing. Sarah has co-authored US/EU privacy co-regulation for RFID technology and regularly works as an advisor to companies and governmental institutions, including the EU Commission and the OECD. She is on the advisory board of the Foundation of Data Protection of the German Parliament. Besides this professional engagement she maintains a blog on “The Ethical Machine” at Austria’s leading daily newspaper Standard.at, is on the board of the Austrian art & science think-tank GlobArt and supports WU‘s student consultancy company uniforce on the advisory board.


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In the review process: Spiekermann, S., Korunovska, J., “Personal Data Valuation: An exploratory Study of the User Perspective” (get current draft version >>)

In the review process: Lasinger, P., Spiekermann, S. “Bringing together what belongs together: Effects of matching ads to situations rather than to individuals” (get current draft version >> PDF)

In the review process: Spiekermann, S., Dabbish, L., “Attention and Interruption in Information System Design: A Review of Conceptual Foundations andResearch Issues“(get current draft version >>)

In the review process: Spiekermann, S., Novotny,A., “The Vision: Personal Information Markets AND Privacy” (get current draft version >> PDF)

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Public Policy Involvement

„Data Protection in Europe - Academics are taking a position“, Computer Law & Security Review, Vol. 29, 2013 reprint of the Data Protection in Europe Article: http://www.dataprotectioneu.eu (PDF)

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Framework for RFID; signed by EU Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes, Brussels, April 2011, published in all official languages ​​of the European Union: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/policy/rfid/pia/index_en.htm

Oetzel, M., H. Kelter, Spiekermann, Sarah, Mull, Sabine(2011). BSI Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Guide; extension of BSI Technical Guideline TR 03126, Publisher: Federal Office forInformation Security (BSI); URL: https://www.bsi.bund.de/DE/Themen/ElektronischeAusweise/RadioFrequencyIdentification/PIA/pia_node.html

“To log or not to log - Risks and benefits of emerging life-logging applications“,Report of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) 2011,URL: http://www.enisa.europa.eu/ (PDF)

S. Spiekermann, "TA study" Ubiquitous computing and informational self-determination - A report of consumers perspective,"Technology Assessment - Theory and Practice, Vol. 16, No. 1, March 2007 (PDF)

Selected Talks

“On Ethical Design in Machine Age”, Brown Bag Talk, Oxford University Internet Institute, Oxford, May 2014

“Consumer Protection in the Digital Age”, Keynote, Verbrauchermarkt in der Digitalen Welt, Conference organized by the German Green Party in the German Parliament, Berlin, May 2014

“The Ethical Machine”, Keynote, re-publica Conference, Berlin, May 2014

“The Ethical Machine”, invited talk, European Commission JRC, Ispra,, March 2014

“Omnipräsenz - Leben und Handeln in der vernetzten Welt“, Heinrich Böll Stiftung & Bitkom, Keynote, November 2013 (PDF) (Video)

“Psychological Ownership of Personal Data”, Conference on Psychology of Ownership, WU Vienna, invited presentation, September 2013

“How to embrace ethics in the Internet of Things”, British Computer Society Meeting, London, invited talk, podium, February 2013

“The Self-Regulation Approach Chosen for the PIA Framework for RFID”, invited talk, podium, CPDP, Brussels, February 2013

„Personal Data Markets and Privacy – What the New Regulation Should Include to Shape the Future“, Lecture, Data Protection Conference of the Federal Minister of the Interior, Berlin, October 2012

„Personal Data Markets AND Privacy“, Keynote, Austrian Internet Summit, Vienna, September 2012

"Trust through Privacy Impact Assessments and Privacy by Design", Keynote, 5th International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing, TRUST, Vienna, June 2012

„Privacy as Property“, Keynote at the opening of the Privacy and Identity Lab at the University of Tilburg, March 2012

PIAs for RFID – Where are we now?  Where should we go from here?; Keynote at the meeting of experts “Implementation of the RFID Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Framework - Towards a coherent European Approach”, invited talk, Brussels Februar 2012

"Information and communications technology - the next 10 years," presentation at the WU Competence Day, Vienna, November 2011

„Adaptive Displays – The future of Marketing at the Point of Sale?“, invited talk within the context of the trading conference of the Innovative Retail Labs of the DFKI, St. Wendel, July 2010

„Privacy by Design: Challenges for the state and economy in 2010“, motivational keynote for the dialogue that Thomas de Maizière initiated as minister of internal affairs with the network community Outlooks of the political strategy for the internet“, 18th January 2010

„Why Do We Share? Insights on Knowledge Management & Knowledge Sharing with IT Systems“,invited talk, Linz, November 2009

„E-Identity – A safe way in the networked world?“ invited talk,, 11th German IT-security congress, Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, Bonn, 15th May 2009

„Ambient Technologies: “Future perspectives for images of humanity “,invited talk, spring-time meeting of the European Academy (Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler) 2009: Transformation of human images in the Information Age, 26th March 2009

Newspaper Articles

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"Data protection compliant Radio Frequency Identifications (RFID)- system by owner-controlled RFID tag functionality," (filed with Berthold, O., Freytag, J.-Chr.) [Sold to SAP AG] 2006